Sunday, October 31, 2004


Holy shit, it's Sunday again. Well, I was feeling much like this last weekend... under slept and over alchofied. Last week however, was very different. Yes, last weekend was a jolly old weekend indeed.

Last weekend started where all good weekends start, Thursday. Thursday I awoke to the realisation I needed more time before tomorrow. Now, the concept of gaining time may be out of reach for some people, but not I. I developed a system where by I don't sleep for a few days and instantly gain hours I used to lose when I was away dreaming about being awake.

So anyway, the miracles of making time with nothing more than my eyelids aside, my weekend started Thursday. I had something due on Monday, and as the weekend was going to be excessively large, I needed it done by Friday. So Thursday night, I did stuff, then went off to pick up my mate Pratty who flew done for this weekend. I came home, talked to him, then went back to uni work. I had to goto uni or something on Friday, but decided to play squash at 8am. Needless to say, I won. Midday rolled round, was bored, so went and played more squash. Needless to say, I lost. Now, it's like 3pm, so I went to centrelink to get reamed. After sufficient reaming, I went to the airport again and picked up Dufty, who also came up for the weekend.

So, night time rolls around after something interesting happened in the afternoon. Dunno what it was, but I am sure it was interesting. Anyways, Johnny, Springy, Trotter, Kate, and Ash came round Friday night for some drinks. They had all driven down, except Ash who lives in Brisbane. So yeah, that night was good. I talked lots... and maybe got naked, I can't quite recall. So 5am Saturday morning rolls round, the other guys get a cab home, Dufty and Pratty stay at my house. My and Dufty proceed to talk for a while. Now, this is where it gets interesting. I fell asleep on the couch.

9am rolls round, I wake up. Tonight is Lagwagon, The Bronx, MXPX and some locals. Was gonna be good. We were gonna have a BBQ that day... and actually went to some fair effort to get it. Needless to say, it involved Dufty hanging off the back of the ute with a BBQ in one hand down the middle of a main road. Anyways, no-one could be bothered, so we just got drunk. Went off to the shows that night... that were fairly cool. Not great, only one I liked was Lagwagon, and it was way better last time. So yeah, night ended... got home like 3am. This is where it gets interesting. I went to sleep.

8am rolls round, time to get up to goto Byron Bay for the day. Fucking psyched up. I put on some clothes, and gather some people and head off. Hour and a bit later, I reach the hippies and park the car. We settled in quick, grabbed some brews, and sat on some grass hill listening to some live music. Rang this chick who lives in Byron, she apparently fled the state when she heard we were coming. Sat some more. This is where it gets interesting.

We goto some place, go past these guys we thought were mucking around... but the copious amounts of blood coming from one guys head meant they weren't really mucking around. Pointed and laughed, and kept walking. Got the the show... royal crown revue. Basically a swing band that are just so much fun. We sat there for a good 2 and a half hours before the band even came on. The support band got caught in a flood and are currently out with Harold Holt. It was all good though, cause about an hour before they started, they put on similar music jus through the PA shit. These people were all rock and roll dancing, and were actually pretty good. People cheered, fun was had, and it set the mood for the whole night. Everyone was there to have fun and just enjoy themselves and didn't care if that meant dancing like a retard.

So yeah... I knew the music I was gonna hear, and was going to be happy to hear it. However, I had no idea of the sensory feast I was about to devour. These guys were unreal... I mean, just mind blowingly unreal. Without a doubt, it was the best live act of any kind I have ever seen.... and I was sober. I danced with Kate for one good song and we both sucked. Me more so than her. Rest of the time I just did some jig with AJ or someone and just went nuts. Point is... it was fucking unreal!

Okay, Sunday midnight... Trotter just turned 21. I have 30km of fuel left, I ask the fish and chip guy where the closest open fuel station is, he says 25km south. I think I could pin-point the exact moment when I soiled myself. Uh-oh. Now, this is where it gets interesting. I start the car, windows are fogged. I put down the window. We are amped, Dufty is drunk, I nearly run into a car going down a one way street, and Dufty sticks his head out and yells out to Trotter. Turns out that car was a police car. They pull me over and I jump out of the car so they don't see my overdue rego. They think I am wasted and were actually fucking arseholes. After dicking around and getting the 3rd degree, I ask where the closest fuel is. He tells my 10km north, exactly where I wanna go. Turns out, the one cop car in Byron, that I nearly ran into, and Dufty yelled at, that was passing at that exact time, saved us from being stranded in NSW. Hooray for everything.

We make it to the fuel station with 10km of fuel left... to easy. We get real excited cause the servo sells hot dogs. We get stuff and head home. Oh, did I mention Pratty went home on Sunday arvo. Get home, drop AJ off, and me and Dufty sit around talking till 4am. Now this is interesting... I goto sleep at 4am, weekend over.

Now, last week was the last week of lectures. Subsequently, tonnes of uni work was due. Due to my time gaining power, I didn't sleep Tuesday or Thursday nights. Anyway, skip that boring shit week which was a total blur... I think I actually got drunk on Wednesday and spent the next 2 days doing uni shit. Oh, and I modded Hux's xbox to have a new hard drive. Now we have all these games saved on there... but all we play is golf. Anyways, friday rolls round... I played squash, then came home. Went back to centrelink to get un-reamed and handed all my uni shit in. I shoulda been stoked, but I had lost feeling in my everything bone. So... Friday night rolls round. Dufty finally has money, Hux is at work, we have golf... we get a box of goon. We drink till we can't feel feelings and Hux gets home. We decide to go et him some booze and get another box of goon for me and Dufty. Some people came round, and cause I hadn't slept since Thursday (the recent Thursday), I crashed out at like 4am.

9am rocks up, I am on the couch... again. I say fuck this. Uni is over, I have nothing to do, I am going to fucking sleep. I walk to bed and crash. I wake up at 4pm. AJ comes round after work, has nothing to do on Sunday. Dufty has money, AJ has money, Hux has money, we all have golf. We go get some more booze. I think something else cool happened, who knows.

Now, it's 9:30am on Sunday, I haven't slept and have another silver pillow to use when I do finally stop adding hours to the universal time loop. I came to the conclusion that weeks don't exist, they are simply a fabrication by major shopping centers to make the weekends seem that little bit more special. From now on, I live my life one weekend at a time. I am going to be a state of sloth like comatism during the week, and cat like readiness on the weekends. That'll show them big cats in capital city!


Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I love living in a democracy. It's great, everyone has a say, and the peoples' voice is heard.

However, the draw back with democracy is that the "people" in this nation barely ever agree with me. This can become a big problem as what I want is hardly ever realised. So why have a voice if it is never heard?

Recently we elected John Howard for another 3 years. I dunno how, I dunno why, and I really want to meet the people that voted for him. I know ONE (1) liberal voter out of about 30 non-liberal voters. Why do the Australian people never agree with me, why are you all so stupid. Can't you see I am right, I am always right. If I wanted to see things your way, I'd get a 9-5 job, get married, have kids, and goto the beach on weekends for the next 40 years. Then I'd retire, do the things I wish I did when I was young, then slowly die of arse cancer. That's my kinda democracy!

I came to one conclusion. Democracy is like pop music.


Thursday, October 07, 2004


WTF is the deal with being bored. The world how it is now, has the most interesting things, the availabilty to do almost anything at any time... and yet I am bored.

Bored is crap. I want to kick it.

Today, I had stuff to do and still go bored. I wrote all over my monitor, and now it looks all... funny. I was bored while doing it. How can you be bored while doing something? I am bored now. Nothing makes sense... boredom whilst in the process of being active.

I think it's because I live in a society where everything is jazzed up. Everything is hyped. Everything tries to out do the other thing, and if something interesting doesn't happen every 10 seconds, the mind starts to wonder. So, the global quest to eradicate boredom, has only succeded in creating more boredom.

By making things more interesting, you make life more boring.


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Welcome to Danism

I like stuff.

If you intend to ever read this, you might one day see why. That is all for now.